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Avoid Procrastination Infographic

Procrastination is something we all do from time to time. We mostly procrastinate about doing unpleasant things. These things range from a boring and difficult task to having an uncomfortable conversation with another person. Procrastination can be managed through time management and understanding ourselves. It is important that we identify why we are avoiding a certain task or a certain conversation we would prefer not to have. Delaying a difficult conversation may be because we do not know how the other person is going to react. However, even if we are not sure how the other person is going to react, it is important for us to express ourselves. It is important that we do not put the other person on the defensive when we have a difficult conversation with them. Sometimes putting the other person on the defensive is unavoidable. One way to approach a difficult conversation is to write out what we going to say beforehand. Secondly, we must understand by avoiding difficult situations we are going to remain in an undesirable situation. Procrastination is not a remedy for this. Procrastination only keeps us in discomfort. The infographic below provides tips of dealing with task-based procrastination.

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